10 ways to make the most out of social distancing

10 ways to make the most of social-distancing

Nearly every student across the country right now is working virtually from home. From freshmen who were just getting the hang of their first year, to seniors who didn’t know their time in the classroom was ending abruptly. It would be easy to fall into a doomsday slump, but with

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Faith in society and education news

Faith in society and education

If you’re deciding between attending a Christian university and a secular one, or you’re already invested in the North Central community, check out this recently released study on the positive contributions of religion on society and the significance of Christian higher education.

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NCU's Top 2020 Predictions

NCU ‘s Top 2020 Predictions

Twenty nineteen was a great year for North Central University. Because there were so many things that made it great, we decided to recap just the

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